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Discover how ReceptionHQ’s virtual reception and phone answering solutions benefit businesses of all sizes. From reducing costs, to assisting with call overflow, presenting a more professional image and creating more time to work on other things - read what our customers have to say.

Capital Commercial Business Sales

“ReceptionHQ has provided an extremely valuable service over the last 5 years. The investment in having a dedicated phone answering service which operates 24/7 is invaluable.  The service is effective and price efficient and we see ReceptionHQ as an integral part of our communication strategy. I would highly recommend ReceptionHQ to anyone who is looking for a specialised inbound telephone answering service!”

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SportsLink Physiotherapy

“ReceptionHQ gives us the ability to do what we do best, both in the clinic and off-site. We’re assured in knowing we’ll never miss an important call or potential appointment, all for a fraction of the cost of having our own receptionist.”

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Pavilion Homes Group

“We’ve partnered with ReceptionHQ to offer our callers friendly receptionists to handle our calls when our team are busy, as a real person is so much better to talk to than voicemail we find! We use their service for specific project sales lines, the office line and mobiles when we are in meetings or onsite predominantly. We first approached ReceptionHQ because we wanted our callers to experience a professional and consistent greeting every time and ensure no sales calls go unanswered.”

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Our business runs a very busy call centre and we use ReceptionHQ for call centre overflow to take those calls we’re unable to immediately handle. This amounts to over 15,000 calls per annum that ReceptionHQ handles on our behalf. We’ve found the service to be absolutely seamless with all calls being answered on a very timely basis with instant messaging and real-time reporting. Without ReceptionHQ’s virtual reception service we simply couldn’t run our business.

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Barrenjoey Psychology

“Since engaging the services of ReceptionHQ over three years ago, our team of Psychologists have the certainty of knowing that, when we are not available, the phones will be answered by a professional ReceptionHQ receptionist in a warm personal manner. Our practice has all the advantages of a dedicated receptionist, without the prohibitive cost of employing and training another staff member. The ReceptionHQ receptionists also make and change appointments, give clients information regarding Medicare rebates and details of information they might need to bring to sessions. They really perform as a seamless extension of the practice, responding to calls in a really professional and caring way.”

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“I commend you and your team on the professionalism with which you have been handling our incoming calls. We started using ReceptionHQ as we needed to grow our business but didn’t want to incur large staff costs. The calm response from your receptionists and being a real human being, rather than a recording, has given significant reassurance to our customers.



“We engaged ReceptionHQ in 2016 and it was a great decision. Although our office is manned with staff during business hours, our high spend on mainstream media invites customer enquiries 24/7. It’s great to know ReceptionHQ receptionists are answering our calls when we’re not there. I highly recommend this company to any business that requires after hours phone support, or for overflow when staff are stretched to the max.”

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The Blue Mexican

“It really takes the pressure off me knowing ReceptionHQ will answer my phone calls if I can’t, or if I’m on another call. ReceptionHQ receptionists really listen to my callers and send me a message detailing what the call was regarding. Very handy! People are constantly complimenting me on the smart receptionist they spoke to in my office. Most don’t realise the receptionist wasn’t really in my office, which is exactly what I want. ReceptionHQ are essential to the management of my business’ phone calls.”

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HR National

“Initially we engaged a receptionist but soon realised that outsourcing this role was far most cost-effective and less problematic. We have been using ReceptionHQ for over five years and it’s such a bonus to be free of staffing headaches, such as when they call in sick. With ReceptionHQ as part of our team, there is always someone available to answer the call. ReceptionHQ ensures calls to HR National are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

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GC Real Estate

“In real estate our customers call between 8am and 8pm, well outside standard business hours. We need to be totally confident that all our customer calls are responded to quickly. We have been using ReceptionHQ for more than six years now and see the service as a seamless extension of our business. I really believe engaging a receptionist on staff couldn’t match the service ReceptionHQ provides. The cost-benefit of using ReceptionHQ for a small business like ours is fantastic; it has all the advantages of a full time receptionist, without the cost or need to manage another staff member.”

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