Call diversion services

Advertise a virtual phone number and take calls on another number – such as your landline or mobile.

In addition to our live call answering solutions, ReceptionHQ also offers automated call diversion from a virtual phone number used in your business’s advertising to instantly forward calls to a number of your choice.

Combining virtual phone numbers with a call diversion service is an ideal solution for businesses who wish to appear larger/local, including creating a virtual presence nationally by utilising local numbers in different cities that all route to the same place.

Entrepreneurial start-ups and home-based businesses can also use call diversion services to maintain privacy of a mobile or home phone number while keeping business expenses to a minimum.

Diversions can even be set to a schedule, such as forwarding to different numbers at different times of day. For example, diverting business calls to a mobile or landline during the day but to voicemail after hours.

With our instant set-up, you can start receiving diverted calls within minutes

Free local number

Create a virtual presence in a new geographic area with a free local number that you can advertise.

Optional 0800 number

Upgrade to a toll-free 0800 number to enable callers across New Zealand to call you without paying a cent.

24/7 call forwarding

Automatically forward calls from your advertised number to any other number, 24/7 or on a schedule.

Simple self-service

See call logs instantly and manage your service using our free smartphone app or desktop portal.

No lock-in contract

There’s no setup fees or cancellation fees, just a simple month-to-month subscription to ensure flexibility.

Call Diversion Pricing

Available as stand-alone or bundle with another service.

MessageCentre Divert

per month

Free local number (numbers available anywhere in New Zealand)

Pay as you go

Diverted calls $0.20 per minute*

Month to month plan, cancel any time

Call transfer to international dependent upon country, please ask for details

Enquire now

* Plus GST. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

How it works

Bundle with other business solutions

+ Live call answering

Never miss a call with our live answering services, which can include custom greetings, instant messages, call transfers, appointment bookings and more.

+ Voicemail to email

Have voicemails instantly emailed to you, on numbers not live answered, to ensure no important communications are ever missed.


A call diversion service essentially enables you to divert one phone number to another.  For example, if you want to keep your mobile phone number private, but need to use it for your business, you can advertise a business number (like a national toll-free 0800 number) and divert the calls from this number to your mobile phone.  Your callers will only ever know the advertised number and you’ll be able to see whether the incoming call is personal or business in nature.

The most common reasons for using a call diversion service are:  1) the opportunity for your business to have a presence in another state so you are more appealing to local customers, 2) the ability to keep your mobile number private when you are operating a business from your personal phone (you can advertise a local or national number, and still receive the calls on your mobile) and 3) the ability to run several businesses with different customer facing numbers, but still have all calls answered on one number.  The MessageCentre Divert service includes a local phone number and can be set up instantly for as little as $20/month.  A call diversion service provides a very quick and cost-effective way to appear larger, start up a new business or gain an interstate or national presence.

If you have a live call answering service attached, our professional receptionists will answer your calls (either all calls or only when you are busy).  If you have a voicemail to email service, your voicemail messages will be sent to you via email.  Otherwise, your calls will be managed by your existing call answering solution, for example, on a mobile phone, your calls would typically go through to a voicemail service if unanswered.

Yes.  When you sign up, you’ll gain access to a client portal and moblie application for managing your MessageCentre Divert service.  Using these tools, you can instantly change the number your calls are being diverted to.  Our customer service team is also able to make these changes for you during business hours.

No, there are no set up fees for a call diversion service.  The cost of a local phone number is included in your MessageCentre Divert monthly subscription.

Yes. Your MessageCentre Divert service includes the provision of a local number in your preferred location. While there are add-on options available, you don’t need any other services to get started.  Simply signup, tell us which number you want your calls diverted to and you’ll be receiving calls instantly.

Call diversion costs just $20 per month on the MessageCentre Divert package, which includes a local number.  You may add additional local numbers or a national toll-free 0800 number to your service at any time for an additional monthly fee.  Call charges also apply, based on call durations.

What our customers love

We never miss a business opportunity but don’t have reception staffing issues to deal with. It’s an ideal solution.
John Lombard, Sales Recruit Partners
The calls are professionally answered using our script, and the message is sent to us in both an email and text message.
Bobi Vikor, RentSelect
Helpful and friendly staff offering a professional service. Can highly recommend.
Paul Werner, Denture Clinics
Clients appreciate the quick call responsiveness they’re receiving, which can be difficult to manage [in-house] due to the peaks and troughs in call volume.
Scott McSwan, WorkLegal
The investment in having a dedicated phone answering service which operates 24/7 is invaluable.
Frank Walmsley, Capital Commercial Business Sales
It’s been an extremely cost-effective way of ensuring all of our customers’ calls are answered and queries passed on efficiently.
Callex Communications Specialists
Every time I think of how much it would cost to hire a receptionist full time, I know exactly how far in front I am.
James Henry, Hyped Media
Most don’t realise the receptionist wasn’t really in my office, which is exactly what I want.
The Blue Mexican
We are always getting complimented on the friendliness of the ladies who work the phones and them being so very professional!
Steve Argyle, Delta Blinds

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Want to try our call answering services for free?

Put New Zealand’s leading virtual receptionist solution to the test! We’re ready to answer your phone FREE for 7 days.

Want to try our call answering services for free?

Put New Zealand’s leading virtual receptionist solution to the test! We’re ready to answer your phone FREE for 7 days.

What does the free trial include?

Our free trial is based on our MyReceptionist service, with professional receptionists able to take messages and transfer calls based on your availability settings.


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