Discover how ReceptionHQ’s virtual reception and phone answering solutions benefit businesses of all sizes. From reducing costs, to assisting with call overflow, presenting a more professional image and creating more time to work on other things – read what our customers have to say.

It’s been an ideal way to ensure new client enquiries are never missed, as well as efficiently dealing with enquiries from jobseekers. Our virtual receptionists very professionally screen callers, transferring calls from employers wishing to utilise our services (as our availability permits), efficiently forwarding messages by email when we’ve set our availability to ‘do not disturb’ and directing anyone wishing to submit a resume to the page on our website where they can do so. We never miss a business opportunity but don’t have reception staffing issues to deal with. It’s an ideal solution and has been extremely beneficial for our business.

John Lombard, Sales Recruit Partners

The calls are professionally answered using our script, and the message is sent to us in both an email and text message. It’s a great service and highly recommended.

Bobi Vikor, RentSelect

Helpful and friendly staff offering a professional service. Can highly recommend.

Paul Werner, Denture Clinics

In the start-up phase for my law practice, I opted for a virtual reception service to avoid the overheads of a full-time receptionist. There was some initial apprehension around whether the setup would be smooth and whether a high standard of call experience for my clients could be maintained, but it’s been fine … with all calls being answered in a very professional manner. In fact, clients appreciate the quick call responsiveness they’re receiving, which can be difficult to manage with an in-house receptionist due to the peaks and troughs in call volume. The combination of text and email notifications of a call is really helpful also, as is the entering of appointment details directly into my calendar.

Scott McSwan, WorkLegal

The investment in having a dedicated phone answering service which operates 24/7 is invaluable. The service is effective and price efficient.

Frank Walmsley, Capital Commercial Business Sales

It’s been an extremely cost-effective way of ensuring all of our customers’ calls are answered and queries passed on efficiently. The receptionists answer in our business name and are always extremely professional. Because they do such a great job, most customers are completely unaware that they’re speaking to someone who isn’t in our office.

Callex Communications Specialists

The amount of time and money we have saved has been amazing. Every time I think of how much it would cost to hire a receptionist full time, I know exactly how far in front I am.

James Henry, Hyped Media

People are constantly complimenting me on the smart receptionist they spoke to in my office. Most don’t realise the receptionist wasn’t really in my office, which is exactly what I want.

The Blue Mexican

Not only are the phone operators accurate and efficient in getting valuable leads back to us in a timely fashion, but we are always getting complimented on the friendliness of the ladies who work the phones and them being so very professional!

Steve Argyle, Delta Blinds

The receptionists consistently have a professional phone manner in speaking to our prospective clients. Support always respond quickly and action whatever is needed, which is huge for us – especially when we have new employees and we need to update our instructions. The team has called to clarify and enhance our procedures to ensure the best possible experience for our callers.

Stavros Loizides, Fox First Real Estate

We’ve found the service to be absolutely seamless with all calls being answered on a very timely basis with instant messaging and real-time reporting.

Carole-Anne Priest, Imalia

We don’t need a physical receptionist in our office, but we do need someone to answer the phones in a timely and professional manner … The service was super easy to set up and costs a fraction of what it would to hire a receptionist.

Karl Graf, DreamWalk Apps

Extremely friendly, professional and easy to communicate with on the go.

Inspect 365

The worse thing for a customer is to call a business and there is no answer or the phone calls goes to voicemail. Most of the time this is a lead loss. As businesses we work so hard to promote our services and we need to be there for the client when they decide to reach out. Also we are often on the phone already with other customers or busy with other work, so having the phone calls answered by someone else helps us juggle things … (it) allows the staff to prioritise their time so that when they are returning the call they can dedicate their full attention to this particular customer.

Shaz Maharaullee, The Furniture People

My customers and potential customers have only ever commented favourably on the answer; I don’t think anyone has realised it’s not my own reception. They are also good at stopping telemarketers. For the core purpose of answering calls professionally, giving a good first impression and accurately taking messages, five stars.

Tim Richardson, Growthpath

We’re confident that not one of our valuable leads will be missed no matter the time of day. We love the flexible service offering and find it to be a cost-effective way to offer 24/7 reception to our clients.

Hannah Mutze, My Home Plumbing

Initially we engaged a receptionist but soon realised that outsourcing this role was far more cost-effective and less problematic. It’s such a bonus to be free of staffing headaches, such as when they call in sick … there is always someone available to answer calls.

Tom Anusic, HR National

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